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VACANT is a science fiction web comic following Commander Hayze, an agent of "The Eye" a powerful alien government/ corporate agency. Sent on a seemingly simple rescue mission, Hayze stumbles upon a possible explanation for the near extermination of the human race that had taken place over 100 years prior. His only lead is a virus and, along with his crew, Hayze tries to find the cure. Look at official site here: http://www.imaginetheending.net/Vacant.html VACANT also has a Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ImagineTheEnding?ref=si_shop tumblr: http://vacantcomic.tumblr.com/ twitter: https://twitter.com/VacantComic or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vacant/161911700538775


» New website layout

Here is the new site. The set up is pretty much the same as the one before, but it's cleaner and looks nice.



-Easy access to websites: By the news updates, lists all the websites VACANT is on including Smack jeeves and Piperka. Below that shows the conventions I am going to and any reviews interviews about Vacant.

-Directory: If you are someone who keeps forgetting the characters names or have trouble keeping up with what is what, the directory is a very easy way of reminding yourself of terms. Also, if you are a nerd like me, and like world building, there is extra information added to bios. Most of this stuff will be established in the comic, but it's fun to read ahead. No spoils are included.

At the bottom of each pages' description will also provide you a list of terms mentioned in what you just read. So if Jin mentions the Ultri Virus, Ultri Virus will be in the list.

-Store: Links to my Etsy account where you can buy the issues currently on SALE until Christmas

-Ask My Characters: Not only tells you how to be a part of the strip, but also lists all AMCs for you to read at any time.

Thank you, and if anyone runs into problems please e-mail me.

» To new "fans"

Hello, new "fans"

Thanks for favoriting VACANT. I just wanted to let you all know VACANT also has a tumblr, twitter, Facebook, and newsletter. For the newsletter go to Vacant's official site, find "Newsletter" under the comic page, and type in your name and e-mail. The newsletter will give you monthly updates on everything that deals with the comics whether it's convention appearances or new artwork on the site.

Thanks again,
-Heather Nunnelly

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